Jewellery Goldmine

E-Commerce Online Store Website Design

The Challenge

The owners of Jewellery Goldmine approached us with regards to creating a brand new website from the ground up. They had been running their jewellery business from a traditional retail shop and also Ebay, but did not have an actual online store with their own branding.

The primary challenge was to find a great name for the website, a new logo, and design a great looking e-commerce store and of course training in how to update the site and upload products.

The Solution

After a lot of careful consideration, we all agreed on Jewellery Goldmine as an attractive marketing-friendly and most importantly memorable website name.  We had already checked that the .com domain was available and we started work right away.  As soon as we had the name, we worked on a new logo which we have also subsequently used on a custom business card design, which we shipped directly to the clients.

We provided lots of advice regarding taking professional images of the products, as we understand the importance of beautiful images in converting visits to sales.

Full training was provided, and we had one face to face meeting to say hello and answer a few questions.  The rest of the communication has been over the phone and of course email. We set the clients up with their own email addresses at their domain to ensure consistent branding.  Overall a very fun project with end to end consulting and a beautiful result and of course very happy customers.

Visit the site here.

This Project Included:

Website Design

Accept Credit Card Payments

Responsive Design

Telephone & Email Support

Logo Design

Content Writing

Email Setup

Secure Website

E-Commerce Database

Custom CSS

Web Hosting

Brand Consultaion

Increased Online Sales

Super Fast Turnaround